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[section_dd section_title=”Your Media & Marketing Exactly Where You Need It” section_intro=”All The Powerful Tools You Need To Manage Local & Hyper-Local Media and Marketing Operations ” section_outro=”” class=”image” fullwidth=”0″][column_dd span=”7″ duration=”1000″ delay=”0″]

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  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Review Management
  • Mobile Websites
  • Multiple Location Management
  • Local SEO & Tracking
  • Citation Buildling
  • Content Distribution
  • Franchise Management
  • Email Lead Generation

Your ConstantPLAN Solution tracks and measures everything you do. Know exactly where your media and marketing operations are succeeding and where you can improve.

Get a demo of your customized Marketing Portal and start measuring your success.





[section_dd fullwidth=”0″ video_bg=”0″ section_title=”What Makes ConstantPLAN™ Different Than the Millions of Other Marketing & Media Companies?” section_intro=”Your time is limited.  Your ConstantPLAN Solution provides a wall-to-wall system to manage your branding, marketing, media, lead generation, and communications. ConstantPLAN enables you to focus on what you do best.” class=”section-light-bulb”]

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[service_box_dd title=”Only Solopreneurs” icon=”entypo-search” type=”round_aside” link=”#” target=”_self”]Your ConstantPLAN Solution was designed for Businesses of One. That’s all we do.[/service_box_dd]
[service_box_dd title=”Always Be Found” icon=”entypo-screen” type=”round_aside” link=”#” target=”_self”]If you’re not on Google’s Page One nothing else matters. We can do that. Easily.[/service_box_dd]

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[service_box_dd title=”Opportunities Converted  ” icon=”entypo-leaf” type=”round_aside” link=”#” target=”_self”]Emails, sales inquiries, and social media conversations, we do it all. Even pick up your phone.[/service_box_dd]
[service_box_dd title=”Measure it All” icon=”entypo-bucket” type=”round_aside” link=”#” target=”_self”]Understand where, how, and when your clients engage with you and your business. [/service_box_dd]


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[service_box_dd title=”Best Message” icon=”entypo-leaf” type=”round_aside” link=”#” target=”_self”]Your ConstantPLAN™ Solution creates an effective messaging system across all marketing channels. [/service_box_dd]
[service_box_dd title=”..and we’re pretty” icon=”entypo-bucket” type=”round_aside” link=”#” target=”_self”]Our sites, our emails, our print materials, our designs, they are not just effective they are ALL pretty too![/service_box_dd]


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[service_box_dd title=”Web Properties Design” icon= “entypo-search” type=”round_aside” link=”#” target=”_self”]Today’s business is conducted on the internet. Dramatically improving your site and social properties can quickly affect your visitor-to-lead conversions and lead to stronger business relationships.[/service_box_dd][/column_dd]

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[service_box_dd title=”Digital Marketing Campaigns” icon=”entypo-search” type=”round_aside” link=”#” target=”_self”]Our job is to make you known and famous.  Whether you use one or many our integrated services such as: email and content marketing, SEO, PPC, ad campaigns, and re-targeting we make you look good.  We do it all.[/service_box_dd][/column_dd]

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[service_box_dd title=”Social Marketing Campaigns” icon=”entypo-search” type=”round_aside” link=”#” target=”_self”]Understanding your potential clients’ online habits and engaging with them where they are, when they are there, will not only grow your potential client base but generate loyal advocates for your brand.[/service_box_dd][/column_dd]




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