ConstantPLAN University

Who Should Attend:

  • Financial Advisors
  • Attorneys
  • CPA’s
  • Psychologists & Counselors

What you will learn in ConstantPLAN University

  • How to establish yourself as THE expert in your hyper-locality.
  • How to get found by Google.
  • How to position your personal brand within a corporate brand.
  • How to guard your professional reputation.
  • How to drive traffic to your personal website.
  • How to establish a systematic marketing effort, to stay “top of mind” with your most important, high value prospects.
  • How to distribute your message as an expert everywhere generating new leads.
  • How to keep the machine moving once it gets started.
  • How to make marketing decisions based upon real data.
  • How to engage effectively with people digitally.
  • How to move online conversations to offline relationships.

2015 Courses

Brand Within a Brand:  Your name is the brand

Course Introduction highlights

  • Why you are the brand and not your company
  • You, the expert:  How to control the message
  • What your potential clients are searching
  • Google yourself & your services professionally. What do you find?
  • Where to go from here

Course introduction duration: 1 hour
Course length: 1 month
Course introduction format:  Webinar & in person presentations for groups larger than 10.

Introduction Notes:  The course introduction is primarily used to understand the need to switch branding orientation from a company-centric model to an individual-centric model.  In industries such as financial services, law, accounting, and counseling a professional needs to be recognized as an expert.  This personal branding is far more important than efforting a marketing plan for the individual’s company.

Download The Course Outline Here