Analytics Pricing

As a Google Partner and Google Analytics Certified Partner, we pride ourselves on our data-driven approach to online marketing. Our analytics services include installation and configuration, audits, support and troubleshooting, data analysis, and training. Pricing for these services is as follows:


Installation and Configuration:

The complexity of your website and the scope of the tracking will determine the investment required to get analytics working right for you. Installations are typically in the $1,500 to $15,000 range.


Having clean data will give you piece of mind. We comb through your reports, run tests, and crawl your site to ensure you are receiving data you can trust. Our Google Analytics auditing services vary depending on your site and the issues we identify. Audits are generally in the $750-$2000/month range.

Support and Troubleshooting:

Our team of Google Analytics experts is available Monday through Friday to help solve Google Analytics issues as they arise. Our Google Analytics support retainers are in the $500-$1500/month range.

Data Analysis:

Data without analysis is worthless. Our data-driven analytics experts thrive on turning mountains of data into actionable insight. Our web analyzing services can be one-time engagements or ongoing arrangements – whichever is appropriate for you and your team. Individual analysis projects begin at $2500 while monthly retainers begin at $1500/month (3-month minimum).


Want to learn how to use the Google Analytics tool? Whether you’re just a beginner or already have experience, we can help you increase your Google Analytics IQ. Have specific questions, need someone to guide you through the interface, or just want to pick our brain? We can help. Training begins at $450 per 2-hour block (includes 1 hour of preparation your ConstantPLAN Account Executive).